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3d na’tee – lil kim lyrics


you love me?
you’re not gonna leave me right?
i love you too…
i mean, i know i’m young and everything right…but it’s like, i know i wanna be with you forever

kim fell in love wit a dude name mike
met a month ago, it’s funny tho
simple as sh-t seems, the girl 16, mike 30
but he gettin money tho
see kim, lied bout her age
i can relate, was wild at the age
dad in jail, locked in a cage
send mail but can’t raise a child through a page of a loose leaf
while he in a cell, 2 deep
set to get released in a few weeks
but last time he saw her she was 2 weeks, sixteen
now kim a groupie , and mike picked her up in a new b m w
same week had her up in the w
legs up screamin “ooh mike i love you”
but mike got a life at home
4 year old twins and a wife at home
though his wife treats him right at home
he s-x kim, actin like she grown
months p-ss, brag but it’s sad
f-ckin with mike, he old enough to be her dad
give her cash, he want it to last
but until she 18, he can’t let her out the bag
get her tracks fixed and air maxes
now she on the d-ck doin’ back flips
young enough to be filed on his taxes
but s-x without prophylactics
you guessed it, she pregnant kim excited, its a blessing
mike denies it without a question, so abortion’s his suggestion
she threatened to break sh-t up
maybe call his wife & shake sh-t up
or call the cops and make sh-t up
she just wanted it back the way sh-t was
unacceptable, mike’s respectable…he got a degree, medical
and that sh-t rape, federal…he lookin at years, several
kim call, he ignore her cell
thinks to himself “the hoe gon’ tell”
know a cat from way back, just made bail
said he got a job for him and he would pay well
dude got out, hit mike’s cell
mike booked a room, a nice hotel
told him the plan, the sh-t can’t fail
you can make 10gs if this go well
see mike would apologize, get kim, take an hour ride
drop her off, she’d get out the ride
and then his convict friend would let the choppers fly
mike impressed her, “i’mma come get you, get dressed up” parked the car, caressed her
kim thought he was gon s-x her
while the dude in the alley wit the black mask
all he wanted was the fast cash
thinking “look at her fast -ss
if she was mine, i’d beat her black -ss”
see he’s a father too…yeah he got a daughter too
and even though what he’s doin is horrible
he need the money to reunite with his daughter soon
so he walk to the car with the steel tight
but something didn’t feel right
when he saw kim’s face, took the gun off his waist
ran to the car and he k!lled mike
16 years he locked up while mike gettin 16 year olds knocked up
coulda made 10gs if he shot her
but his conscience told him “not her”
mike bleedin, kim screamin, his mask on, she can’t see him
baby dad’s gone for no reason
and the k!ller’s just standin there freakin
like “this can’t be real life”, he told kim “run like h-ll”
his mama sent pictures in the mail
and he had those pictures in his cell
he missed out all her life…because of him, she had a harder life
somebody should have taught her right
instead of hoppin’ in the car with mike
if he get caught then he gone for life
back behind them bars for life
but kim made him a grandfather…
’cause he just saved his daughter’s life