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3d na’tee – too easy lyrics


while twitter fingers was twittering
and amber rose’s fingers was fiddling up in ‘ye’s -ss
and quentin miller was scribbling up in drake’s pad
i managed to skate past
in my own lane with no mothafuckin’ brake pads
they say i’m doing the most
could move beige for bread, could give a fuck bout a loaf
y’all discussing my posts like social media goons
i been the best in the streets, gon be the jesus resume
beefin’ with whom?
the semi-automatic pistol on me
y’all be claiming that you’re real but y’all be posing like naomi
pockets fatter than [?] and i was beggin for the sony
and atlantic, didn’t panic, still was k!lling shit like brandy
it’s beyond my understanding
you rap hoes get ran through like runyon canyon
hoping it can help your branding
meanwhile, they say i name-drop too much
i really know these niggas, y’all be on they c-ck too much
how she say that she a great and she ain’t drop too much?
neither did big, so at ease, ho
i been on my job, done got more macs than steve, ho
do not get it twisted cuz i know russell and steve
you can still get popped like aleve, ho
please ho, fuck subtweets, i’m very vocal
speaking of subs, i’ll get your boys touched, no jared fogle
for carrying on, get the house of your parents swarmed
hit my niggas out the bricks, they got more sticks than amazon
they’ll do it for free, saying this not what you waste your talents on
so from my hammock, one word’ll have your family gone
aunt, uncle and granny gone, no hesitation
compared to me, conrad murray got more patience
see, i’m tired of strippers and flippers turned rappers
took shots in the -ss, these hoes so manufactured
in real life they hurtin, they broken, they fractured
these hoes should join sag cuz i swear that they’re actors
my old shit better than their latest shit
all these niggas plagarists, and they dress like jaden smith
sending tweets, then get in beef and they run to the station quick
could be mainstream if i was fake and didn’t say the shit
but i’m ok with it, shit i’m really a great with this
bring me your goat, bet i’ll cook em like a jamaican b-tch
before they see me fall, queen latifah will take a d-ck
lauryn hill will make a diss
while farah khan eats bacon bits
in other words, it’s not an option
i was poppin’ with powder
you and ya partnas was prolly watching blossom
i been a problem
making runs with presidents like mrs. rod
i’m hillary, talkin’ presidents
literally, who can get with me, nigga?

(laughs) it’s too easy
too easy
shit’s too easy