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3d na’tee – wild lyrics


you know i’m from new orleans (know what it is)
the home of the stunnahs ([?] what it is boy)
i usually don’t partake in this type of activity (uptown what it is)
but i gotta do it at least once

got the [?] on my [?] yo, [?] on my cl-ssy
b-tch i’m from the n.o., you know that i been doubted
got vip so crowded, they smokin’ on that loud sh-t
na’tee, bmb, it’s wild when they play my sh-t

[verse 1]
man, i ain’t worrying about these hoes
b-tch i’m ballin’ like d. rose
my whole clique got [?], and my pockets as big as my ego
[?] mo’nique clothes
making chips like freedos, ‘cus me and my amigos
live [?] everyday like guidos
whatever is right they [?]
[?] i’m in the lady’s coupe, windows up and [?]
n-ggas [?] and my life is sweet, no [?]
got a ak clip very long and a gun range behind every home, bang!


[verse 2]
i got a few hard tops and a soft top
front yard like a [?]
closet like a gun show
and you n-ggas never [?] like a [?]
i pull up [?], n-ggas ya’ll drop
which cause? like stevie j’s [?] hoes
[?] parole in which rap n-ggas pose in front of jaguars to the 6-4
[?] where a b-tch go
misplaced it, he’s missing like casey, wait, he’s in a trunk like caylee
[?], i thought it was a 80
pull up and the n-ggas went crazy
i’m ballin’ like jupiter [?]
[?] i’m making a flood in the club, i had a flashback to katrina