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3d_unleashed – hate me lyrics


yeah i know you hate me
but it’s okay cause i hate myself sometimes


[verse 1]
hate me. like a chart you can rate me
yes i know you won’t ever date me
so f+ck the world
it don’t matter if your black or white
they all hate me cause fight for whats right
yes i want change
if your against me then hate me
on my mama i won’t let another girl break me
yeah once was enough for me
so if life’s just a fist fight b+tch you can take me
likе superman i won’t let you break mе
so you can hate me all you want
(i really don’t care)


[verse 2]
(yeah)all my life i’ve been called a fat cracker
every day people told me i was never gonna make it
so the second i seen my chance i new i had to take it
so hate me or not
i got no time for mistakes
0 to 100 i just went from fallin to ballin
maybe someday the record labels will be callin
see i got some talent
i’m a mess now but i hope one day i’ll be a success
until then you can hate me all you want
man i don’t really care anymore(f+ck the wrld i’m out)