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3d_unleashed – rapture lyrics


(yeah)i told em it was coming
y’all choose not to believe me
it’s all cool, you fool(the raptures here)

[verse 1]
y’all doubted my come up now you pay the price
you should’a thought twice before you rolled dice in my casino
so sorry not sorry lucas nino but i had to take out the trash
i never go around giving apology’s
i’m always unexpected like the rapture
i come when i wanna come and take who i want to take
i’m the savior but at the same time i’m the destroyer
bet i got your career running in fear
every time you hear my name it cast a shadow around you
i’m the master y’all just the disasters
i’m like the eye before the storm(rapture)

capture and torture this is the rapture
capture your souls to sell em all
i went to h+ll and back on this track
fractured and factor’d all you capper’s
capture and torture this is the rapture

[verse 2]