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3drac – summer time flingz lyrics


i kiss you when it hurt you broke a n-gg- heart
slanging d-ck in the dirt i got some military scars
no need to cry now i should thought about it
but i was looking for love cause i didn’t be without it
you told me that you love me but i truly doubt it
but mothaf-ckas only treat you wrong if you allow it
you couldn’t remain calm saw the cash in a n-gg- hand
ask for don perrigon but you better understand
and carry on to the next man
i’m not the one to trick on you hoes baby i’m just saying
instead of saying daddy that and daddy this
get you a job that don’t involve sucking d-ck
cause when i met you baby i was trying to be nice
weekend with the rap stars living your life
it was just one time it didn’t mean anything
it was just a summertime fling
feel me

it was a one time thing
a summer time fling
it didn’t mean

i’m pulling on your hair as we f-ck in the chair
i’m a thug baby girl i lift you up in the air
don’t go no where baby cause i ain’t through with you yet
but just tell me what you want me to do to you next
poolside looking too fly i’m a cash getter
i can be your new guy had a problem with the last n-gg-
i’m thuggin til die ride and a cell phone
a legend in the hood baby cause i’m well known
a n-gg- doing time it’s the weekend
it’s shit on my mind baby sneak some weed in
hey now where my n-gg-s at tell these hoes
picture me paying for pussy h-ll to the no
and that’s word to my homies cause the d-cks for free
a little hennessy and it’s mixed with me
get pussy make money f-ck n-gg-s take money
for you b-tch made mothaf-ckas n-gg-s hating on me
feel me

it was a one time thing
a summer time fling
it didn’t mean

me and you kick it baby girl it’s truly fun
i don’t got no other b-tches baby you the one
i’m on a mission have you making love to millionaire
and touch the ceiling and put your hands in the air
cause when i grew these n-gg-s knew
i was going to be the don of my own crew
to my thugs 21 gun salute
thugged out in the club camo jeans and boots
you was cute and it wasn’t fluke
i remember summer time baby in your daisy dukes
making f-ck faces baby cause we sweaty and wet
our bodies touch naked baby i’m on top of you pressed
full of semen and c-m cause baby i’m sprung
no matter where you at girl you always get me to come
i don’t trust none follow me i gotta a gun
i’m a thug til i die put it on the hood that i’m from

it was a one time thing
a summer time fling
it didn’t mean

see the blue in the sky
and the clouds rolling by
see the sun in the lane
say you”ll remember me