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3drip – press start 2 lyrics


[chorus: 3drip]
said i’ll never make it, but i’m making mills
livin’ in the hills like i’m jack and jill
breaking my heart a lil
it’s like a drill

hop inside my whip this is mario kart
all about designer but you walmart
sad like i’m bart, gotta sad heart
all i gotta do is press start

alright i pressed start
1 to the 3 with a tech heart
100mil lil tecca
she move on to the next heart
yeah i pressed start
yeah i pressed start
ayy lemme show my part

hey, miko don’t play
he got the best bars in la, ayy
you can fly em to j-pan
but i’ll fly em to mars
i am upcoming because of my bars
hop in the whip, won’t go too far
wrong one sorry got too many cars


spongebob says put the money in the bag
don’t talk to me i’m counting up my bags
don’t get in my don’t make it a hab
can’t afford my car you gotta get a tab
i’m in the army you can call it jag
people pull out their macs
they pop a drug and then
smoke a pack
and then they gon’ shoot you
with their tac


[fresh nick]
they call me fresh nick cus you know that i am fresh
call me jeffrey dahmer when i’m pullin out your flesh
always a hunnid on my test
i’m just different from the rest
racks on racks
maybe i should just keep em in a sack
don’t play wit me
or i’ma pull and so is the rest of we