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3face & cee – mercury lyrics



lead the way into the right place
the stakes are heightened
i’m moving lightyears

to who you pray
is just a nightmare
there’s nothing out there
i see our life’s end

(verse 1)

tell me where you riding to
do you think you’re more than a dude
gods are never smiling down
but they brutus
they furious with their guidance
you wana be immune
so pursue what’s stuck in your eyelids
just smile kid
it starts to hurt more if you fight it
to know is the pain
to see you drop right after you climbing up
a little f#cked in the head that’s cause we constantly flying
trip till we all dropping dead
nothing you can do to survive it

(verse 2)

i’m astrologically
rewriting mythology
you can call me the prodigy
god infused to technology
like a sequel to an odyssey
i’m takin over galaxies
and no this ain’t democracy
i’m changing my surname to your majesty


don’t be mad at me
this inevitability
i’m dripping in divinity
while moving on to infinity
no you’ll never get rid of me
i’m the epitome
of a g to be
that’s why these godly thoughts
got me feeling so jittery

holding on to my soul
but it’s getting kinda slippery
dealing with this energy
turn my words to artillery
the deals with devils
brought me amazing devine delivery
for the price of a job for the so called god

let me see
if i may
this i plead
in the night
selling greens
chasing cash
yelling cream #
took a trip
now i’ve seen
taking off t # minus 3
hitting supersonic
then we going light speed yeah

(verse 3)

take a chance at life
lift off to the planets
p#ss off to see the chances
you create
when something bigger than you awaits
cause your traits will never match the science
always advances
and we always choosing the choirs
no desires
stand up to the problems
you to p#ssy to face a lion
so take a chance in my position further your thriving
you’re alive but you don’t criticize
and sp#ce gives you diamonds
and bending time is just a piece of paper
spherical #n#logies
see em aligning
and i said

ask who?
you break my rules i blast you
i blast you
get drugs
see earth blue
the venus bloom
ask saturn
let mars re#fume

(verse 4)

i’ve been feeling cosmic flows
through my veins take me home
on a mission to the throne
through the great unknown
show me all the things that ain’t shown
i been balling with the secrets that were never known to me

make me immortal
going full throttle
throw me to the portal
think i won the lotto
do or die motto
mori my momento
smoky on the endo
f#cking with my tempo
borderline perfecto
passions innuendo
this my life crescendo
like a game nintendo
gods waiting for ends
so cold like it’s endo
no worries in the sp#ce ship when u cruising like an enzo