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3face & cee – uranus lyrics


(verse 1)

let my heart stop
no beat i’m cold
no longer from this world
outer body moving to a starry land
had to leave you for a moment in the sand
learn your lesson and become a man
the king and god you know you are
let the angels praise applause
synchronize the forces
feel my mind and spirit warp
tried to close pandora
she just wanted more
say your prayers and then blast off
i don’t need a reason
did it just because i was born to go explore
my immortal coiling
calling i could not ignore
through the portal falling
knowing this is just an endless hole
day that’s never dawning drawing at the end that’s never known
i’m sad i’m mourning morning sun to thaw us to the inner core

dialing heavens number
no one’s gonna answer
closed the gates for only members
don’t got cash to pay the extras, oh well
i don’t even got another f#ckin soul to sell
ghostly pockets empty dull
i peak the other side to view the greener hills
they hypnotized me all the s#x and magic pills
neptune feed me lies
he always got me coming back for thrills
tell me how i gotta jump
or who i gotta k!ll
for a payment take my last life
but just please don’t hook me on that reel

(verse 2)

this the choice of something
things that can’t be unseen
lungs so f#cking hungry
oh she let him have it
yuri drowned inside the honey
speak to gods realize that divine not the answer
leave you wondering
round and round till saturn’s ring
is throwing you amongst the hundred stars
the expansion plunders your choice to go through or wonder on
i can break the walls explore a promise be forever gone
what you learned is what determines all your gods
tribal vows
never pluto shouts
he just fills the sp#ce with songs singing

no more sequel
you won’t breathe more
you must speak to
planetary cores
they’re alive
and screaming loud
i promise you

pull the lever
travel deeper
pick apart the layers seeker
do you open up a world
you’ll never lose

high they lead you
time so see through
kindness k!lls
you give them meteors
final stage
fly in a sky so portal blue
it’s so simple
caught a glimpse of everything
i see peripheral can’t transition
unless i glide toward endless views