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3fargo – let it hang lyrics


[verse 1]

diamond sw-ng sw-ng aquafina let it hang, kurt cobain
if you talkin’ money i can’t hear a thang, yuh
red bandana and adidas on my toes, yuh
all my people zooted all my people f-cking stoked, yuh
purp f-ckin’ reggie man, it ain’t the same sh-t
if you ain’t talkin’ money you don’t speak my language
brain split, on the floor like kurt cobain b-tch
why you f-ckin’ with the gang, you gon’ end up nameless (yuh)

[verse 2]

ay, ay, 35 xannies
try to smoke up, told ’em reach ol’ lanny
but it’s 24/7 f-ckin’ cookin’ rock candy
all these p-ss-es scheming
9 make ’em stop plannin’, yeah
she was downstairs, f-ckin’ ringin’ on my phone, yuh
vvs, aquafina drippin’ on the flo’, yuh
red bandana and adidas on my toes
all my people f-ckin’ zooted all my people f-ckin’ stoked