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3gee – blunt lyrics



i just wanna hit the blunt
(the blunt x2)

man ima hit the blunt
(the blunt x2)

i really wanna see the room filled up
with a smoke

pulling two cups with some moet turn it up

so ima hit the blunt
(the blunt x2)

[verse 1]

smoking in my room
cause you know i’m on tod
so let me get it like that

got me hit the booth
feeling like i’m on sod
so let me start up my claps

i ain’t gonna stop pump it
so let me post up like

got me feeling good
don’t need love
getting high
on that cigar

hitting up the notes
let the smoke come out

counting all my stash
like figures

read between the lines
it’s about to go down

sitting on my thrown
like vicer

close the window
let me light up the blunt

no air coming in
feeling like a stunt

got me feeling so good
ima start to front

sh-t got crazy
big shout out to all the stoner

i don’t give a f-ck
just to let em know

pulling two shots
i’m getting vertigo


[verse 2]

i’m obsessed with this
whole sh-t

b-tch keep hatting
but i’m bowling

ain’t tripping
got my deuces up

keep rolling up the joint
got me feeling better

feel trap in my zone
and the money calling
i just got off the phone

oh yeah ima clone it
popping that sh-t till it’s on fleak

let me jack it up
i really want the dibbas

unlock all my skills
this is like cannibal

this blunt got me doing all crazy
working on ya girl all night
it’s my late night