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3hree-d – motivated lyrics



your not a good human being
[yugo getit]
yo you recording everything?
smile and laugh my friend
my life is 300 years of life
ay, look

[verse 1: 3hree+d]

hearin weak ass sh+t, got me motivated
random ass n+ggas hatin, kinda aggravatin
flow so comfortable, can’t be donatin
tried tuh copy old sh+t, boy you outdated
i guess i gotta go in, make y’all understand
ion think y’all ready, cause that’s uh demand
beat uh n+gga ass, master say unhand
don’t know what’s comin, cause never seen my hand
living in quarantine, wha is uh can’t
shouldn’t stop me from gettin my bands
but i gotta watch n+gga, where you stand
cause these days, ion know wha he planned
stop wishin death on me, cause it’s not happenin
god seen my dеmons, so he gone keep battlin
already been in hеll and back, so i’m just managin
got that sh+t on lock, so you know i’m feelin dazzlin
talkin my sh+t, n+ggas really be scary
nun like uh horror movie, you would be buried
then you wouldn’t really, have tuh muhf+ckin wary
not finished yet, lock it down, like i’m married
scar on my head, harry potter
you n+ggas is malfoy, very rotter
n+ggas is crazy, where is the doctor
birth giver missin, who’s the author
3hree+d in the cut, gotta tell you that, i’m realer than a muhf+cka
n+ggas call me friend, ion even know him, think of him as uh otha
watch me get the da bandz, n+ggas won’t know, cause no one really muttda
tennxin bout to shoot, all i gotta say is go ahead and take cova

[verse 2: tennxin]

feel like that midnight sweater
gotta keep me a glock they pray on my downfall
aiming better with that red dot
don’t care who you be or what you be chattin headshots what i aim for
i’m ending ya life i’m not thinking twice
head crack i ain’t talking bout dice
my bully’s be active we hunting at night
put a glock to ya head got you trembling
she wanna f+ck when she leave got her stumbling
half of my opps wanna act like they street
they is just p+ssies can’t get on the team
i been on the go since i was youngin
been street it came with the credit
snippets on em like i came to just edit
bodies drop all i see is the medic
they jealous can’t get this sauce
know few k!llas that live inna floss
press ya mans i ain’t here to just talk
step inna kirk you know that’s my block
got the clip in the rugar then we maneuver, got the clip in the rugar then we maneuver