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3is – i know everything (intro) lyrics


[intro: 3is]
i know, i know
“really, you don’t know jack”
man i already knew that! man..
trust me i know
“oh, do you now?”..

[verse 1]
by the way, this comes without warranty
by seemingly jeopardizing my priorities
f-cked up views of me, from society’s majority
im the essential key, if they keep feeding this minority
something i already knew they don’t let free
like how f-cked up this industry is gonna be
and how bad they wanna make me a wannabe
that’s not me, but i’m turning this minor casualty
instantly straight into a major catastrophe
ugh, plus i mean
i get more p-ssy then a f-cking sorority
somehow it’s a liability, that turns into a quarantine
to my mind, which is legitimately starting to finalize
have actual belief that there’s reason to believe these lies
therefore, i’m prepared to relieve myself of all duties
never do again what i called my daily routines
particularly, responsibilities
change those into extra curricular activities
to the human beings with lower means
over specific needs that must be agreed
problems that go untold and unseen
not coming to grips with their reality
self reflecting on their own self esteem
then redeem, all of your better qualities
it can be your story that’s full of glory
a filled depository of piled up no good worries
bring doom by clinging onto your misery
i keep forgetting, but forget those forgotten memories
presuming you as a failure turns into a fatal destiny
that is absolutely positively mandatory
i’ve been ready to live out my dreams
slowly i progress, but then i will achieve
no doubt exceed what i try to succeed
there’s just endless amounts of possibilities
first i must ascend to a state of tranquility
so when my future knocks with plenty doors of opportunity
i’m gonna answer the call, there’s to many mysteries
that may bring greed
or a gift that should be seized
lots of courses that distorts anybody’s history
that results in us becoming people pleased
caught in the moment at a standstill like a brain freeze
but don’t get tangled up with the negative energies
the outcome is similar to looking into bad news feed
that was made by your sworn enemies
its treated like a strip tease, and takes away all of your dignity
easy for you to get stomped when barking up the wrong trees
the speed calculates the distance of which direction there’s a wind breeze
can’t tell which way to go or where the air blows
how about the total count when you add up your fingers and toes
i get a natural high fending off any of these lows
cause i know the do’s and don’t’s
also what most certainly won’t
and that goes for those woeful woes, just big no’s
will i get out of this hole? yes of course
because i’m in my f-cking zone
something went wrong though
something that i wouldn’t condone
jumping to conclusions that i’m full grown
i looked around and saw that i was alone
feeling empty on this cold road
but i’m a hot streak, no wonder
i wonder why these hoes
think i’m bad to the bone
treat the p-ssy good so i get better dome
but i got to conquer my own home
go bonkers without results being shown
go down swinging even towards the unknown
let’s see what happens now