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3is – she’s ev!l lyrics


[verse 1]
ugh, look
i know life can be a b-tch, she’s far from the perfect wife
she’s sort of similar to a serpent with a butcher knife
plus that sh-t cuts deep like every single time
i’ve reaped what she sews a couple of times
the more i think about it hurts me to say that it k!lls me inside
but since i’m still counting it’s weighting heavier on my mind
so a matter of fact shes f-cked me over plenty of times
my scars that remain were st-tched back up, surgical tight
hate the way she does it, navao remorse from a devilish side
she’ll just do that sh-t, do it like shes sponsored by nike
and she wants me to cling onto her life
if she had one that is..
it’s like she’s always been without christ
i’m the one always ending up with the psycho type
its at the point where my heart is being put on ice
she’s gonna stroke my pride
she teases me with a s-xual ride
like okay girl i know that’s pretty nice
when she owns that sh-t like it’s a open mic
then she decides that she rather put my mind on strike
she makes me feel like my soul is in a major strife
right, when you think you might have her
matter of fact change that sh-t to had her
man “she was getting off up in herrr, up in herrr”
that’s all i ever heard, her p-ssy was the only street word
so the cat was out the bag while these other dudes bagged her
it really was all a dream and it was one i didn’t even conquer
i know what you mean biggie and all i can say is that i concur
only difference with me is, this a nightmare, just a quick blur
something i would never toast too nor even raise up a lighter
there’s other fish in the sea, only when i opened up for her
she took all of my open canned of worms
and my time with her was like eating a bunch of words
that’s why i can sum it up with about eight words
which is.. “something that never was and nothing we ever were”
you can say she’ll come back to haunt me as a backstabber
the power of p-ssy is an automatic attention weapon grabber
and if her p-ssy lips could talk then i gift of gabbed her
she only seeks to p-ss me off, a sneak attack to my bladder
you can circle that on your calendar like a on deck batter
you’ll be the next one up to be falsely flattered
self esteem splattered, dignity goes even faster
it would be like you never ever f-cking mattered
dreams get shattered, no time for your thoughts to gather
that b-tch is more madder then hatter
she’s colder then a wisconsin badger
you’ll only hear the sound of t–th as they chatter
she wants me to live -ss backwards
fresh out the psyche ward, that b-tch a crazy b-st-rd

hehe i want you boy, i’m pretty with t-tties
your all mine now boy, eve with a snake tongue and fangs
all i want to do is you boy, lets play a naughty little game

[verse 2]
ugh, see
the one reason for this is simply cause she’s evil
spell her name out and it spells evil
you know when shes coming cause even her scent is evil
feel the relief whenever she leaves, the only time there is no evil
when she stays it’s so contagious, infectious, hepat-tis-c needle
her presence slowly becomes a weapon and it’s straight up lethal
metaphorically speaking, shes helter skelter played by the beatles
shes hypnotizing, a sociopath in love with f-cking lying
a manson girl who’s psycho -n-lyzing
when the darkness is arriving is when she starts relying
on a smarter man who’s quick to show his defiance
towards her bullsh-t that is noticeably not worth trying
she’ll keep pushing you to start buying but just keep denying
cause that bullsh-t is for the birds and not for rocket science
a smart man will shoot down that idea as soon as it starts flying
i know it just sounds like i’m b-tching and complaining
i had to get this out cause the real ones know what i’m saying
a b-tch that dwells what shes raising and wheres shes hailing
that’s her giving me h-ll without fair warning like van halen
a downward spiral is what i’m portraying, shes absolutely draining
the life out of me, i guess me breathing was never an option
can’t bear to have a soft spot for her, shes no teddy ruxpin
vicious as a water moccasin, a total mockery born loco with sin
driving me crazy, floods my consciousness like a floored engine
i must be a gust of wind cause im long gone, but i’ll be back again
but as of right now i let this girl have the win
just know b-tch i’ve developed a grin adapting to your toxin
so watch me as i slowly settle in
these are halftime adjustments and i don’t know where to begin
with those vulnerabilities you have and unable to defend
my strangle hold is coming soon enough, revenge is my twin
the fake will break and i am the truth that won’t bend
the truth of the matter is your demise is closing in
it’s closer then a common enemy or a close to kin
you only put me on the sidelines girl, you need to listen
ima put you out your misery for good, i’m putting this to a end
she’s evil!

(stay tune..)