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3is – tox!c!ty lyrics


ugh, i’m f#cked up right now..
let me explain..

[verse 1]
welcome to a heartless planet
where vices are never taken for granite
i’ll have a sunday picnic that someday you panic
you run it, i ran it, i go in and come thru outlandish
i stomp you whenever i stamp it
no hoover but beggars can’t be choosers god d#mn it
i hope your not a hopeless romantic
a maniac who’s your manic depressant fanatic
i make statisticians ecstatic by padding the stats quick
and n0body really knows sh#t, n0body f#cking knows
i just sit back and blow kush thru my nose
never beat around the bush with these hoes
when it comes to climaxing, im all#time, an all#pro
i give it to you straight like being straight up though
this is so far from how the story will go
don’t get it twisted, it’s only how a twisted mind goes
girl you had me at h#llo, so goodbyes are never a go
she turns upside down on the pole
she really likes the view cause theres dollars below
try to entice her a little bit to drop it more low
liable i treat her camel toe like it’s under a mistletoe
that’s right i get it and i’m with it, you with it?
don’t be pity, just surrender your envy
toxicity is always wanted
and it’s always wanting to enter me
don’t render me anymore negative energy

toxic world, psycho girls
toxic world, psycho girls
toxic world, psycho girls
toxic world, psycho girls

[verse 2]
welcome to a landfill, a land filled with dirty she devils
her mind games are land mines that want the score settled
she’ll work hard at making sure your mind field gets leveled
hitting the gas like i belched, i push it to the limit on this pedal
that b#tch ain’t no rider, so i press down hard on this medal
ghost ride her ass out the window while she not drinking red bull
a drive like mine always comes first, you just play second fiddle
i hit it deep dead center and your league is belittled
you’re only left alive to live a lie, i ball like george kittle
i reside where the truth lies, i’m somewhere in the middle
too deep for a 49er to try, a gold soul displayed as a pixel
i know you digging these rhymes but it’s back to the subject
i struggle hanging on by a thread day by day thru this subtext
b#tch i have back and forth s#x, libido is more of a dialect
so many four ways i could never forget
three sums are like baseball cards that i could collect
you care if shes a catch, i worry what i could catch next
i shake off the evil like an etch#a#sketch
that’s why i see a latex like when i see rolex
i’m still alone, like being on autopilot inside a private jet
with no passengers, passion burns like the greenhouse effect
rejection gives off a major affect to any young mans intellect
spark dro to tweak my flow as far as me goes, now i’m all set
bad to the bone with thoughts in a insurmountable mess
carrying a hex from my past regrets isn’t so far fetched
on the surface it may seem like this is as good as it gets
but living this lifestyle is anything but a sure bet

toxic world, psycho girls
toxic world, psycho girls
toxic world, psycho girls
toxic world, psycho girls

anytime i go to any mirror i see the same dude..
we haven’t exchanged words so we still haven’t met
he also looks lost himself like he hasn’t found himself yet
or maybe its just another case of identity theft