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3k – back2back lyrics


[intro: 3k]
you nawm sayin? know how we rockin’ n+gga

[verse 1: 3k]
i be drippin’
all these hoes trippin’
stay inside a kitchen
b+tch go wash some dishes
if imma do it right, ain’t chasin’ hoes i’m chasin’ benjis
f+ck these n+ggas too, cause i don’t know who really with me
can’t f+ck with me now, b+tch i’m on top
and my presence is a present, so she opened up the box
and i don’t keep it clean, but i gotta keep a mop
they tell me time is money so i spent it on a watch

[verse 2: skimobanz]
aye, b+tch im underground with the hip+hop, not pop, she give top
my neck is filled wit big rocks, big guap, she lip lock
shady as a sl!ck fox, be boppin when the beat knock
b+tch she wanna f+ck, when i walk in i step in reebok’s
the party go r+t+rded when i walk in, you dig it
every time i’m in the trap they pull me over for a ticket
but it’s steady f+ck the opps, and we duckin’ penetentaries
and sometimes when i wake up it feel like everyone against me

[verse 3: 3k]
i ain’t a rapper, i’m a artist
fat backwood, cookie smellin’ like i farted
she gon’ give me top inside the drop i’m not gon’ park it
take this as a shot, well i guess i hit my target
all i do is count up my bread and get mo’
hit the sto’ cause i need backwoods to roll the dro
i ain’t f+ckin’ with you n+ggas and the same go for the hoes
cause i gave a b+tch a chance an, well, know how it go
[verse 4: skimobanz]
now i can’t f+ck with a b+tch more then a night though
and don’t text my phone if your p+ssy ain’t lookin right hoe
i told her i love her but i swear this sh+t is a typo
i got so much in my pockets think i need to go to lypo
young, rich ass flexer in the boro ridin’ with a sack
homie know to hit me phone if he need gas thats from the trap
cause i got big racks
countin’ up this money till i relapse
i just f+cked your b+tch so hard, i broke both lil thotty’s knee caps

[verse 5: 3k]
im so reckless, i flexed it
diamonds on my neck b+tch
b+tch she get to trippin’ imma f+ck up on her necklace
smokin’ on that strong
smell like gas don’t got cologne
don’t got b+tches in my phone
but got b+tches in my home, n+gga
i’m on top
spinnin’ it don’t stop
my wrist is on froze now
my n+gga a cold watch
i’m makin’ it snow now
still hot as a stove i
got about four guys
always ten toes down, n+gga