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3khouse – novato lyrics


[intro: josh]
shoutout tacobell we got beefys on the low
my -ss about to blow


threekings has joined the party lets go!

[verse 1: tyson]
nick’s thighs, lemon size, eat that p-ssy sly
jacob cyr’s grapefruits they big as f-ck
smelt it, dealt it, thats how it runs
i gave joey the tnt he ruined the fun
i used to be fat but now im skinny
i ran alot im now slim d-ck jimy
i did the math, i went to school
i counted the racks now were cool
shaun samuel eating burgers with some mustard
xander eating burgers with some relish
and tysons eating burgers with some fire

[verse 2: kyle]
boys on attack jacob cyr h-lla fat
rolls in my pocket jacob got rolls on his back
you go to the gym and you sit on your -ss
you could be playing minecraft but you act like a rat
boys back together now we rolling with the gang
3khouse yeah u know thats our name
if you f-ck with us expect a bullet to the brain
scratch that make it arrows bull back boys lets make it rain
uzi on the beat but 3k on the track
when im with boys yeah you know we get the racks
jacob cyr f-cked up yeah you know thats a fact
but the gang strong we dont need him so we pick up slack

[verse 3: xander]
jacob cyr big chungus yeah you is humungus
got dandruff and it looks like hummus
big boy yeah fix your f-cking stomach
gonna grow to big yeah you bout to plumit
wear your salmon shirts to protect your stomach
ruby widegren thought he had a chance
nah man f-ck that he is to f-cking fat
sweaty t-ts, sweaty hands, and he looks like a rat
douces jacob you a b-tch and you f-cking know that
[outro: josh, tyson, & joey]
yeah we out
3khouse we out
ay wh.. wha.. wait
jacob why why the f-ck did you ddos me you f-cking b-tch
yeah i farted
ye.. yea.. yeah ay joey whatchu got to say
dont mean to be rude but jacob really stinks walking up…