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3ko – dubs lyrics


i got like a hundred or fifty dubs this week yeah i got too many
oh my god oh my god no one can stop me boy it’s going crazy
lil bros we go to the top to the top yeah these n-ggas ain’t ready
got too much sh-t in the back
it’s the milds but whatever we call em blacks

mom made me wear these loose -ss jeans but you know i was clean
not gonna lie my momma treated me well before she had to relax
before n-ggas went behind our backs
but whatever we moving on
stick to the name the last ones khan
call up blunt his first name is john

first day first day balling on these n-ggas shooting them shots
breaking they ankles
from all different angles
they on them shackles

went to lunch
fried this n-gga now he’s brunch
chicken and waffles
cooking this n-gga yeah writing a novel
his sh-t was dead like a fossil
little boy we go full throttle
f-ck that sh-t now we popping bottles
florida sh-t we go crazy b-tch
we say dumb sh-t little jit
rage in that f-cking pit
non ragers must f-cking sit
you know we get lit