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3lie – lost you lyrics


she said i love you

but i really think i lost you

i swear to god this is equal to abuse

play around and make me blow a fuse

it been a while since i spoke wit you

i hope your doing well i wish the best for you

do you wish the best for me when u left me

cuz u left me damaged and screwed

she say i love you but i really think i lost you hopin out like piackatu rip juice wrld saying that to them free melly i’m saying that till he free i wanna blow up
on’t wanna get on injured but you broke my heart and think i lost you bling all my diamonds ring ring ring i’m a young one she looking for a dime you blowing my mind hoping out like we out of time i don’t wanna lie definitely don’t wanna cry but ever since i think i lost you i wanna cry i need to put all my pain awayyyy yeah i need to put my pain away like i’m outta sp+ce all this work yeah it paying off finally putting my time on me climbing up you a wanna be i wanna be the old me not the new me hopin out we off the lean yeah please don’t make me dream you a memeee call me yeah i’m the team but you not hoping out of the drop toppp yeah like i’m gonna lock you in the shackles yeah that tragic hopin out is gonna play some magic im a banonded maybe not but that’s what it feels like when i lost you when i lost you wanna i go zoom zoom running wit the crew you a mook