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3lw 3 little women – take you home for christmas lyrics


[verse 1:]
i’m feelin what you got
boy you hot
i wanna put a lock on you
i wanna get my hands on you
with christmas around the block
see i’m not
not trying too late to do
all my christmas shoppin baby

so tell you what
i wanna take you home for christmas
i wanna wrap you up
so when i get up
i can open up to you
so say the word
i wanna take you home for christmas
you’re enough
i wanna touch
i wanna take you home for christmas

[verse 2:]
i know you likin what you’re eyes are checkin
so come on, can you let me do
what i wanna do with you?
got ribbon in my hand
so chill boy
turn around and be a man
i’m not gon make the bow too tight
cause that don’t fit with my plans

[repeat hook]

you lookin like the gift that santa made for me
i’m in the mood to have you right next to me
so christmas eve, i want you under the tree
i’m not gon lie to you
you got me in a mood

[hook out]