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3lw – dear diary lyrics


sometimes, i cant keep my feelings inside
feelings i cant show, feelings they cant know
each night, theres no one here for me, but there is a memory
and take a look at me, and cherish memory

dear diary, long time no see (its been a long time)
its been a while, since you’ve heard from me (from me, mmhh)
you’ll always be a friend to me, dear diary, (mmhh) dear diary

and since, the last time i wrote theres some things that you should know
a friendship has grown! he’s someone special, ive mentioned him before
but now its so much more
(a love i wont forget) i couldnt wait to tell you this, dear diary


i hold so many things inside,
in you dear friend i can confide
to secrets that got you hold a key
thank you for listening to me
you always been my trusted friend
youve helped me though the thick and thin
and thats why youll always be
a special part of me


its been a while, since you’ve heard from me,
i share with you, my precious memory
you bring to the top, the girl i used to be
i cherish you, my dear diary
youll always be a friend to me, dear diary