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3lw – do what you came to do lyrics


you say you kinda freaky
well i’m here waitin for you
why you wanna tease me
over talkin it
i know you want me
cuz you talk a good game yea
i’m sittin here waitin
so don’t jus sit there and stare.

talk don’t get you no where
come on baby take it if you want it
talk don’t get you nothing
so quit talkin and just work it

-chorus- 2x
do what you came to do
cuz you know that i’m gon
work this thang on you
(talk don’t get you nothin)

why you actin scared now
you know you want it
you wanted to do this
so now lets go all out
you said you could work this
are you givin up now?
it aint over till its over
or somebody gets laid out.



see me at the club
eyes on me
say you wanna give me love
finally time to leave
talkin big stuff lyin to me
told your friends i be cryin please
would ya could ya
give me somethin to look forward to
move somethin like the ballers do
work it out yo
i can hear it out ya mouth tho
if you can’t hang with me
i’ll be outro

-chorus- 2x

-rap 2-
yo we at the crib now
now you know where i live now
i hear you talkin with the jazz in the background
put the smack down
how you act now
wanna back down
wasn’t when you put the mack down
had enough
fact that you couldn’t get with it
is bad enough
kick you out
get me mad enough
jus hold me give me a kiss
can you back it up before you talk that ish

-chorus- 2x