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3mmvnu3l – catch 22 lyrics


i’m about to tell you a story about tina
tina is a virgin her best friend is amina
mina ain’t no angel her boyfriend ain’t neither
it’s a twisted story that was a reminder

she is just 22
her momma had her when she was 22
same predicament even though she knew
she’s just 22
catch- 22
she is just 22

[verse 1]
she puts a dot on every i (eye) she was a good pupil
first cl-ss student she never missed her period
too many dream too many vision that she had
in everything she did she wants to impress her dad
maybe her daddy issues affected her perspective
enthused by the little things numbers were destructive
6pacs with a 6plus and a 6 god
you try with all three but then she never budge
the faith of her feelings were a function of her faith
she likes christian boys she likes catholic boys
no matter what you doing, what you saying , how you looking
she likes christian boys she likes catholic boys
so there i come with every attribute she could perceive
my faith wasn’t that strong but she was very naive
we started talking
she started falling
she thinks i’m charming
she calls me darking cos my complexion
and orders moving the k’s are going the ls are coming and all the darking turns to darling
but darling darling saaa na waso memu
darling darling saa na maso ne mu
darling darling saaa na ….
darling darling saaa na asem aba oo
to be frank my feeling for you was very sincere
a golden hurt a diamond smile but you were still austere
what kind of man will want to loose you to a mere state
the stare of l-st oh my feelings took me there
it’s not that we don’t fall in love when we are very young
but l-st deflects our feelings and puts it beyond
it’s out of our control like a mid night yawn
it puts us to sleep we don’t know what’s going on
but so to elsie cos i see you girl
until god fixes me i will not see you girl
i pray you stay strong and pray for me girl
and if you really can please wait for me girl

i’m about to tell you a story oh slow
already told the story about tina
you know everything everything you should know
everything everything now you know

[repeat hook till end]