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3mo – seeking lyrics


the f+ck?

all this pain in my heart you got me leaking
blood dripping out its love i’m seeking
babygirl your my world i given u something to remember me by…

a baby pup i didn’t even get to say goodbye
regretting all the times that i used to lie
give me another chance in this rap i’m just trapped


my own words can be tapped (uh)

never been a day death came on my mind
i used up all the henny to k!ll most of the time
now they see me gone
see me missing
all the people dissing
are wishing they never dissed me (uh)
now they see me missing
one girl wish she kissed me
i just wish change on this world little kids dying violence with the guns white people think it’s cool to detonate bombs but (uh)

white people not doing time for all the
crimes i may be outta topic but not outta rhymes
remember when the news would say we are fine now we got an app like graduation crimes all rise
funeral home it’s time to say goodbye
country got me f+++d up got tears down my eyes
i wish you were next to me so i tumble and cry i miss you and this way this world used to try

my people at the border are scared they will die all these little kids hang on it’s alright let another kid die it’s time to start a fight
i ain’t no malcom x but it’s a second guess
it’s time to start a fight not doing a protest
i’m gonna start a war gonna start with the best
fourth world war
with sticks nd stones
broken bones
feelin the burn
vote for mr sanders
feel like marshal mathers

n+ggas always talk a lot
never really be about it
never sn+tch my chain
always let my nuts hang
and my name is 3mo
and i’ll never rep a gang