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3nigma – colors lyrics


green lambo, red lambo
f-cking on that b-tch an i go rambo (x4)

stars in the roof
like a wraith in this b-tch
and the money coming in
guess my fingers would itch
and he say he getting money
b-tch a counter (would) fit
and im always getting money
like im making a hit

shawty look good im the black. dress
back to my dorm where she undress
pants hit the floor like we distress
choke on the d-ck like she depress

gold when i talk
drip when i walk
bald like a hawlk
green like the hulk
diamonds they talk
i got a mop
jugg when i walk
buff like a jock
hard as a rock
b-tch dont you talk
b-tch give me top
rappers gon flop
d-ck it go wop
leave you in shock
back to the block

i can never switch up(x4)

blow on my d-ck like an xo
and she play with hearts like a banjo
hop on the wave and it just flow
found a thot b-tch and she just blow
and she see my d-ck and she go oh
and i need my money like pr-nto
riding on my d-ck like the metro
rich. for ever b-tch im escrow

green lambo red lambo
f-cking on that b-tch and i go rambo (x4)