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3noch – what is love lyrics


[intro: shayo anifowoshe/3noch on the phone]
3noch: h-llo?
shayo: where are you?
3noch: i told you i’m working
3noch: like why you never believe me
when i tell you that i’m work
3noch: you know this is what i do
shayo: what do you mean “working”?
shayo: why you always lying to me
shayo: your just like him
3noch: why the f-ck are you screaming at me?
3noch: like i don’t even know why your trippin right now
3noch: we already talked about this, i’m nothing like him
shayo: ugh.. i’m tired of this, just leave
3noch: oh foreal, that’s how you feel?
3noch: you just want me to leave?
3noch: where am i gonna go?
3noch: like foreal?
3noch: where am i freaking gonna go!

[verse 1: 3noch]
better days
yeah, better days
n-gg-s wishing for better day
to change their ways
screaming out like just f-ck the fame
i’m getting paid
i ain’t never mean to hurt you
but now its better days
i’m changing up all my ways, yeah
i’m tryna get this pay, yeah
everybody know a n-gg- on the stage , yeah
i be wildin
i be screaming
i be acting like a demon
baby know that its the season
for tha…

[hook: 3noch]
i don’t know where to f-cking go
baby you know we on a roll
i don’t know where to f-cking go
baby you know we on a roll

[verse 2: 3noch]
i’m just tryna get this mothaf-ckin paper
i’m just tryna brush off all these f-cking haters
all these n-gg-s wanna rob me of my patience
everybody know a n-gg- coming back in black
i pull up wit that f-ckin strap
like these n-gg-s be talking back
like we ain’t never f-cking wit these broke -ss n-gg-s

[verse 3: xistraught]
picture this
a sunny beach
just you and me f-cking on each other
no being discrete
doesn’t that seem wonderful
these hoes can’t compete
why you keep it from me
baby i want you
imma treat you brand new
baby just come through
lately you’ve been distant
that’s why i’m confused
why you so resistant
i just want consistence, yeah

[verse 4: 3noch]
i am nothin like your ex
treat you with respect
make your p-ssy wet
when you want it send a text
imma kiss up on your face
never making you go and wait
girl i pull up, we in that raf
girl i’m taking you outta state

[verse 5: 3noch]
stop thinking bout a brighter day
you got me in sp-ce
she drifting away
but want me to stay
my feelings will stay
you lead me astray
these thoughts in my brain
they runnin away
i’m losing this race
i’m goin insane
easing the pain
its easing the pain

[hook: 3noch]
i don’t know where to f-cking go
baby you know we on a roll
i don’t know where to f-cking go
baby you know we on a roll