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3nsty – fuck you lyrics



what the f-ck you mean b-tch
pull up on the scene b-tch
darkstar phantom
wockhardt with the bean b-tch


b-tch im feeling mother f-cking fantastic
don’t you test me i’ll put you in a casket
if you want smoke mother f-cking ask me
with a mask on n-gg- f-ck a d-mn ski

ha ha your b-tches wanna f-ck
i thought you had a main
d-mn that sh-t ain’t adding up
wop guap i’m really counting up
i want them hundreds now
send your b-tch a hundred rounds

huh, wow we get h-lla cash

i don’t trust sh-t f-ck your hoe and do the dash

[dark$tar phantøm]

if a p-ssy talking down ill stomp your face in
your b-tch wanna f-ck the team, but she too basic
i can’t walk with yall n-gg-s so i f-cking lane switch
b-tch i need a f-cking bag so i’mma f-cking chase it

you get “wopped” like a soda b-tch lets do the same sh-t
dark$tar phantøm hunt you down like i’m f-cking jason
i can’t follow ’round a hoe, cus i’m money chasing
throw some bands on your b-tch, dark$tar never wasting

(yuh b-tch)

hoe stop (hoe stop)
kick rocks (kick rocks)
phantom be my name and your b-tch hold my glock [hold my glock]
pipe down (pipe down)
nose bleed (nose bleed)
my b-tch h-lla bad told that b-tch get on her knees yuh b-tch



i’m toting big glocks and my b-tch be toting glocks
gucci socks, i just sold your momma on a {?]
big glocks your b-tch on my big c-ck, ay

i ain’t never cared about that b-tch no i never did {screaming}
all these p-ssy boys be talking sh-t, pop them up just like a zit
f-ck all of the opps, all you b-tches is some b-tch
10 blunts in my glock i shoot at you i never miss {screaming]

your boyfriend a geek huh
he wanna be like me huh
but that boy ain’t like me huh
he can’t be like me huh

im with 3nsty huh
these girls are so nasty huh
riding in the front seat got my shooters in the back seat huh

{screaming and growling]