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3’o gvng’ – racy pt’2 lyrics


(verse 1)
pretty hoe in tha telly tell me back back
all tha opps can’t get near us they all backtracked
they all backtracked
they be talking on tha net but still can’t state fact$
on tha hunt for a nickel, i’m just trynna get this money stacked
to a milli, but i don’t want a milli muhf+cker i need 4our
typa’ money get me resurrected from tha floor
oh lord o’ lord i think i need more
(typa’ money get me resurrected from tha floor)
tha f+ckin’ guvnor i ain’t quitting till i sign a mill

if she acc’ing like a b+tch make her touch her toes
can’t be tripping when y’know what all my n+ggas on
i be ghost you won’t catch me talking on tha phone
ahyyyy shawty better leave a n+gga alone
i be in my zone
trapping on tha low
if you want the smoke
y’know who to call
starting popping now these n+ggas trynna hit my phone
sorry n+gga to me this sh+t is just overdue
but y’know how we do
still got nun’ to prove
still got nun’ to lose
might slide on ya boo
while you acc’ a fool
and it ain’t hard to choose
especially if she f+ckin’ tipsy off the f+ckin’ booze
there’s just something bout it
bluebird flying high word to mr. mali
if she average i might like her better if she naughty
and i won’t trip for nuthin’
cause he tha n+gga cuffing
and i won’t say nun’
turbo bussin no discussion
might just turn sumn’
and i won’t change for sh+t
i’m like a dollar bill
(verse 2)
mind my business when your girl said i’m a flipping g+nius
tik tok like a bomb, i don’t wear adidas
chillin’ at the top all you n+gga$ look like minions, lonely at the top it’s cool imma rack these millions
got my n+gga trillion, yeah that n+gga spinnin’
apollo to the left, he look like a villain
guvna to the right, he gon’ pop you if you snitchin’
welcome to the kingdom, i hope you like the rythm
trappin’ in the city, really tryna make a milli
all these n+gga$ tryna see me, man i feel like stevie
puff puff pass and i’m on my way to france
make these diamond$ dance, do the dip & dash yeah
for the ca$h, you know i turn into the flash
let’s get this ca$h, baby do the money dance!
what’s the pric£ or maybe you just want the ice, roll the dice you know i catch you by surprise!
take a n+gga b+tch, take her to the telly, popped a n+gga cherry, now she get the diary
alway$ pray to god, i cannot lose! play with my guap, i’ll pop your fuse yeah