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3ohblack – exactly lyrics


i got this gun on my lap and i see me a opp
this song, i’ma call this b+tch no name (call this b+tch no name)
f+ck it
hola, dj social
alright, i’ma call that b+tch— f+ck it

i got this gun on my lap and i see me a opp, i just smoke the n+gga like a blunt
i got a b+tch out in b+more, i hit her, then justin tucker kick her out like a punt (sh+t outta here)
this n+gga p+ssy, i leave him layin’ in his blood, it look like that time of the month (ugh)
i hit your b+tch out the park on the first night, you ain’t hit it, you ain’t even bunt (d+mn)
she want that old thang back (that old thang back), i want my whole gang back (whole gang back)
eight of my dawgs locked up (d+mn), they say they ain’t goin’ back (goin’ back)
i get them jail calls on the daily basis, never busy, always pickin’ up (h+llo?)
i took a pause from this lil’ rap sh+t, but you know i’m never givin’ up (i’m back)
bounce you like calvin cambridge in thе old sneakers, not this p+ssy boy like mikе (like mike)
i had the block, your baby mama blowin’ up my phone f+ckin’ up my night (f+ckin’ up my night)
she geekin’ to smoke, she like, “gimme a sheet and come here to smoke”, i’m like, “gimme them cheeks”
i went to philly to get me a steak, king of my city, it ain’t no debate
n+ggas best stay in they lane, tory, hide his body, tell ’em “find him”, dory
n+ggas that talk about what they gon’ do when they see me, they see me, it’s a different story (uhh)
n+gga, i know you be lyin’, you know my sh+t true ’cause you heard about me (facts)
i’m 3oh, i stay with the iron, i don’t waste no time, don’t walk up to me (3oh)
name a n+gga play with me in this city, i’ll wait (name one n+gga), exactly
n+ggas ain’t gang, these n+ggas ain’t gettin’ no play (exactly)
these b+tches blow me like a sega genesis (blow)
n+gga, just start the beef and i’ma finish it (start it)
all these lil’ rap n+ggas, they be feminine (ha)
yeah, that’s your b+tch, she just my friend with benefits (b+tch)
i’ll spin your block and look like i’m propellin’
cut off my dawg, i heard that n+gga tellin’ (ha)
i was ten when i seen a n+gga get shot (ten)
hold up, nah, i was eleven
slid down my block and they blew off his knee (3oh)
b+tch, my name 3oh, stop callin’ me 3 (d+mn)
i’ll block a b+tch if she’s callin’ too much (block a b+tch)
grandma, she mad i’m not callin’ enough (i’m sorry)
well, that’s 60,000 for an eight (sixty thou’?)
i mix the louis v with the bape (louis v)
f+ck up the beat, f+ck a hook, i’m just spazzin’ (i’ll f+ck up a beat)
shawty too wet, in five minutes i’m blastin’ (drip)
she like, “hold up, 3ohblack, is you done?” (hold on)
duh, b+tch (duh, b+tch)
i f+ck, bust a nut, then i’m back to the money (ha)
wanna f+ck for a long time? buy me some percs
(you wanna f+ck for a long time, gimme some drugs)
i took like three out your grandmama purse, haha (stole them b+tches)
wanna f+ck for a long time, buy me some percs
(you wanna f+ck for a long time, get me some percs)
i took like three out your grandmama purse
(i took like three out your grandmama purse)
i ain’t even playin’, though, you better check her sh+t