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3ohblack – scope lyrics


rock nation or the interscope
he legg
legging or nah( three oh, three oh, three oh)

that boy keep talking through the neck
i just keep looking through the scope
i’m thinking about signing me a deal
rock nation or the interscope
got your girl b-tt naked inside my room
bout to put her on the periscope
broski just bought me another new gun
guess we got us a new pair of scopes
legging or nah that’s my favorite phrase
went to california bought some bape and napes
i can not miss when i aim with the scope
stay in my city treat me like the pope
three oh a king go check my horoscope
cut off your fingers send an envelope
momma she think her son cray-cray
shoot at a n-gga broad day-day
make him take cover, yell mayday
august the first is my leggday
better watch your girl, better watch your sister
showed her all this money, turned her to a stripper
drink a little henny then she let me d-ck her
aim it at her face i never ever miss her
then she kiss the d-ck i never ever kiss her
never eat the box i never ever bit her
d-mn aye, d-mn aye
n-gga want a verse i need a grand aye
three-oh stay with the grams aye
shoot a n-gga head god d-mn aye
hear your heartbeat through my stethoscope
your money so small need a microscope
in the gym, i’m with dusty he jumping ropes
all my music is crack like i’m doing dope
when i see my baby imma poke her
n-ggas be bluffin like playing poker
boy you a clown you a d-mn joker
if your baby mamma pregnant imma smoke her
n-ggas they know i am ignorant
shoot like i’m rock i’m belligerent
them bullets i like to deliver them
feel that with fifty then i shoot that many men