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3one6 – born again lyrics



i am no ordinary person
anytime i look into the mirror i see the reflection of christ
yes i am made in his image
i’m deeply rooted in christ so i’m bearing the fruits of the spirit
and i ain’t speaking of mangoes or oranges you eat
go check out galatians 5:22 to 23
so yes i was once a sinner
but the the blood of christ undressed that sin nature
so now i put on the full armor of god
breastplate of righteousness
shield of faith
sword of the spirit
helmet of salvation
and if you have ever read romans 8:1 you see i’m not longer under condemnation
i didn’t become a better person to get saved
i got saved to become a better person
so now i have christ in me
i am not ordinary
he died just for me and buried my sins in the cemetery
out of the dust i was made, by grace i got saved
so i stand here and i boast in jesus’s name
i am now a part of god’s empire, no lucius
but i’m courageous like a lion
i’m fully filled with the holy spirit ma whole being is heavenly
i’m a city set upon hills and i ain’t speaking of beverly
i hope you’re hearing me
see i got the mind of christ
i’m far from oppression and fear
yo i walk in the father’s light
so that devil can’t even come near
see i’ve got the life of god in me
i’m full of greatness
and i hope you can all see, that i’m his righteousness
i’m as bold as a lion
i’m a king and a priest
and anytime i speak,its with power and authority
cos i come in the name of jesus
one who’s name has all power and authority
see i’m not moved by situations
those are only temporary
i’m only moved by the word of god and what it says about me
i’m god’s masterpiece
i approach him with confidence
i’m a royal priesthood, a holy nation
god’s special possession yeah
and see i’ve been bought with a price
i’m not a slave to sin
and see i have been made right
i am one spirit with him
he has lavishly lavished his love on me
so i set my mind on things above
not earthly things
i’m a saint, i’m sanctified, i’m saved and i magnify his name
cos i, i’m born again