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3p3at – dead man’s grave lyrics


yeah yeah
ite look

i’ve sh-t all your sh-t and it’s weak, chatting just sh-t when you speak (trill)
no you don’t run all the streets, look at your f-cking physique (still)
you getting too old like antique, man call you ancient like greek (na blud)
say you f-ck five in a week, but, you ain’t on nothing but d (oh sh-t)
im sorry i gotta critique, but i see through all of your bleak (i see dat)
say that your someone we pre, mm i disagree (believe dat)
hughs gonna run out of fuel , that gonna fail my g (i don’t pre dat)
you shaq’tin a fool, (fool)
javel magee (little ediot)
raaa, stop the actin, manna blow your cover your not a mad ting
or a bad ting, thats a real sad ting, coming through true so it’s a no shake hand ting
your gal tings clapped a’ clapped, so can’t tap a dat, i might stack some cash, then go splash a dat, you try duck and dive like an acrobat, but i won’t let it slide, f-ck up your habitat
if this ain’t the flow, then you ain’t the sh-t
you live on the roads, i swerve it and quit
i do not know, if you feeling unfit
but they catching up quick, so go run or get hit
i will not give in, not fall off the cliff
i wanna go live not sit and just spilff
times getting tougher, the suckers still sucker
you struck her then f-ck her and claim that you lover her
ohhh, fake man (fake)
gals watch out for that snake man (snake)
they don’t rate man, so how long will it take man, to break man, insane man how in his coffin he don’t lay man
deadness deadness you try creep it in
my heat end it end it spicy seasoning
feeling this ain’t your season bro, i know the reason tho
just cause u don’t feel the pain, don’t stop bleeding tho

ahhh ohh ohh ohh oh oh
dead mans grave (f-cking lost brudda)
there man lays
ahh ohh ohh ohh oh oh
man gonna die in vain (why)
cuz we don’t know mans name

ahhh ohh ohhh ohh
dead mans grave (let me repeat myself)
there man lays
ahhh ohh ohh ohh
we don’t play no games (thank f-ck bruv)
we won’t see man again