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3pac – beat da cheeks lyrics


i don’t give a hoot bout that wack -ss sh-t, son
do what i want, son
i’ma beat the cheeks up!
beat!… ima beat!

beat da cheeks, beat da cheeks
beat da cheeks, on the f-ckin’ sheets! (x2)
-various ad libs-

[verse 1]
i don’t give a hoot about that sh-t, son
do what i want son, i’m white, son
do my own thing son, get the bread son
yeah, that’s what im talkin’
getting more chedda than chuck e. cheese son (cheeda!)
rip it in peace, son
real tina th-rn 2,000 sh-t, son
go around and be lookin at the birds
d-mn motherf-cker
here, got a little money in my pocket
cuz i’ma be a real gangsta
i’ma turn it up, i’ma get the bread
chedda mamas everywhere, i told y’all i’m the best
i’m the f-ckin’ best, in the f-cking booth
i’m a f-ckin’ drug and i don’t give a f-ck
yeah! i’m doing what i wanna do (yyeeeeaaaahhh!)
i don’t give a hoot about you (hoot, hoot)
arghjghna (ha-ha-ha-haaa)
b-tch, i’m gonna slice you up!
cause i don’t give a hoot
cause i don’t give a f-ck
i run the whole game, and you f-cking know the name
3pac is the best, 3pac is the greatest
i don’t give a f-ck, i bust a nut on yo b-tches mouth
cause i look, she don’t give a nip, she gonna give me neck
if she write a check, cause i got money, i’m a f-ckin’ beast
this white n-gga b-tch, b-tch i am the sh-t

[hook] + [ad libs]

[verse 2]
b-tches wanna f-ck, cause i’m the boss
beat the cheeks, in up in the sheets
and i’ma get the bread, do what i want, one more thing
i don’t give a f-ck how much i spent
i got 10 4’s stacks on deck
i hdwiuh wild-wild west
wild-wild west, so you got east
gotta do it big, f-ck the b-tch, f-ck the boss
cause that’s all i do, that’s going down i don’t got the best
i don’t give a hoot about these p-ssy -ss hoes, i be dodging all these po’s
yeah, i had to switch up my flow
on the f-ckin’ low, yo b-tch l1ck my pole
she wanna go down, on the white n-gga
the white rick ross, so you know i get the figures

[hook] + [ad libs]

get the bread, get the chedda
i don’t give a hoot
run the whole city, i’ma do my own thing, son

[hook] (repeated in the music video)