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3pac – chuck e cheese zero hoots freestyle lyrics


i don’t give a hoot about that sh-t son
do what i want son
white n-gga sh-t son
runnin’ the game from the jump

chuck e. cheese! chuck e. cheese!
chuck e. cheese! getting chedda with ease (x2)

[zero hoots freestyle]
chedda like chucky and i’m bringing home the bread
i don’t give a f-ck what these haters say
i’m going ham for my n-ggas, zero hoots is the game
gotta keep on going cause you know it in our gang
beasting on these p-ssy -ss n-ggas every day
f-ck the based god’s b-tch every single f-cking day
i don’t give a hoot, beast in the booth
going ham for my spics son that’s all i do
one take freestyle [?] going ham
got a bad b-tch as she puts her hand in my b-tt
and the [?] what the f-ck, are you f-cking doing
i’m just gonna keep [?]
i’m a rare ruin in the jungle in this ocean in the sea
you can find me, hidden artifact, indiana jones
going ham for my n-ggas cause i f-cking know that you know
3pac [?] the f-cking dome
going ham for my n-ggas son
getting all these b-tches son
gotta keep on going son
hottest under the sun, son
holy sh-t! i’m running out of bread
but imma keep [?] going [?] neck
going ham for my sh-t
imma go, cause i gotta get famous and rich
so i can get the f-ck out of this place that i’m f-cking in right now
i f-cking hate this sh-t, i’m f-cking tryina be out!
(don’t give a hoot son!) (yeah)