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3pac – don’t give a hoot about shit lyrics


[hook x2]
i get the bread, and the chedda
and i don’t give a hoot about sh-t
i beat the cheeks
and i don’t give a trout about none of that sh-t

[verse 1]
yeah, og pimp, self-made legend
rich white man son, you hear what i’m saying
feel like don juan, i stay beating cheeks
i rep that sh-t daily, that’s the zhg
makonnen is a b-tch, b-tch–ss n-gga
rich white man son, i stay getting figures
i’m the bigger picture, 3pacalypse baby
she play my favorite song, yeah that’s my song

[hook x2]

[verse 2]
pimping out my wives, getting mozarella
p-ssy so wet son, i might need an umbrella
got a bad b-tch, take her to the crib
zhg mansion son, all we do is win
rich white n-gga, the rich white man
selling out arenas for about a 100 grand
chedda mamas wanna bone, rich white man al capone
bad b-tches son, stay blowing up the phone

[hook x2]