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3pac – free lyrics


[verse 1]
yo, i came up in the game quick, son
never hesitating, making my view alleviated from societal regulations
put up on your mind, runnin’ yo mind, it’s my time to shine
i be done with this sh-t son, cause i’m coming from behind
yeah, and ima do what’s right for my fan
i’m the man with the plan and i don’t give a d-mn
i’m the new sensation, hustlin’ worldwide
doin’ what i gotta do, son, to survive
get my n-ggas out the trap, you can bet that
ima get the mouth with the sh-t that i spit about
cause i get the chedda on a regular basis
gotta keep on going in the ayeeh…

i wanna just fly away
so i can be free
where no-one can judge me
and just doin’ me

[verse 2]
uhh yeah, can’t stop with this sh-t that i drop
cause i got a lot of m-th-f-ckin’ neck, son i get it
on a daily basis, day-to-day gettin’ it in
uhh yeah, one day they will understand the real scope of my plans
cause not giving a hoot got a deeper meaning than anything
just think, yeah, cause i gotta do what’s right in the end
and i’m never gonna stop, cause this sh-t ain’t pretend
yeah son, this ain’t a d-mn joke, doin’ what i want
get all the bread, get all the chedda like chuck e. cheese
gettin’ all the chedda and i’m gettin’ it with ease
yeah uhh, doin’ what i want
i don’t give a hoot, i don’t give a hoot

i wanna just fly away
so i can be free
where no-one can judge me
ima just be me