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3pac – fuck slim jesus lyrics


[intro: 3pac]
yeah son! (yeaaah!)
that wack–ss trout slim jesus son (f-ck frank block, that shit’s hoot!)
hoot–ss cracka–ss wack–ss flap jack b-tch–ss son! (yeaaaah!)
i don’t give a f-ck about that wack–ss shit, son! (ha-ha-ha-haa!)
going beast-mode on this track for the zhg son! (ha-ha-ha-haa!)
i’m a f-cking og in the game son!
(3pacalyyyyyyyypse! he’s back!)
see you at frank block and i’ll f-ck you up son!
shit’s serious son, no disclaimers in this video son!
(zhg! let’s go, let’s go!)

[hook: 3pac]
f-ck slim jesus, f-ck (x4)
imma slice you up (x4)

[verse 1 :3pac]
slim jesus, i’m a beast
the f-cking beast, in the booth
a f-cking piece, everything is (?)
i’m the freak, i’m a true g
in the game, i’m on worldstar
i, give a hoot? f-cking kid
imma do it for the zhg
going beast on the track
i don’t give a hoot, my shit go like blaw
silvaback on the track, imma leave you flat on your back
son, what you gonna do? what you gotta say?
all i say for the bay, 10 minutes from the bay
you know what i gotta say
imma f-ck yo -ss up, and you’re six feet deep
and the f-cker got creeped, i’m a f-cking black sheep

[hook: 3pac]
f-ck slim jesus, f-ck (x3)
he’s a muthaf-ckin’ trout

[zero hoots freestyle: 3pac]
f-ck yo video, trout–ss
*unintelligible screams and ad-libs*
slim jesus ain’t got no f-ckin’ b-tches
in his music video
*more unintelligible screams and ad-libs*
(?) in my music video