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3pac – galapagos islands (zero hoots freestyle) lyrics


aaaaaaahhhh! (zhg, zhg!)
m-th-f-ck, see my swear!
i’m a f-cking beast (zhg, zhg!)
y’all f-ckin’ wack!
look at me, in my m-th-f-ckin’ zone! (jeah!)
i’m out, f-ck! (jeah!)

[zero hoots freestyle]
in my own, i’m a [?], with the freestyle sh-t
m-th-f-ckin’ raw, like my m-th-f-ckin’ d-ck
saw my sh-t, never calm down
you know what i mean, you rest that lie
you know what i mean, i’m the f-ckin’ man
ever gonna stop, i got a f-ckin’ plan
ever come down, i always [?]
ever calm down, f-ckin’ this is
m-th-f-ckin’ beast mode, you know what i mean
f-ckin’ up the scene, get on yo f-ckin’ knees
this ain’t for the police
i’ma go so m-th-f-ckin’ ham on the beat
i don’t give a m-th-f-ck, what i’m doing are we
i’ma f-ckin’ go on this m-th-f-ckin’ track
listen to my m-th-f-ckin’ sh-t, y’all sh-t wack
i’m a f-ckin’ beast, i never stop
get on my d-ck b-tch, you f-ckin’ sl-t

-flow change-

i’m going hard in the booth, never gave a hoot
i’ma murder this, and i f-ckin’ spit
i look like, heads up, head f-ck, b-tch i know i’m okay
i don’t give a sh-t, y’all gon go down that right
b-tches suckin’ my d-ck
and that zhg sh-t, yeah that white n-gga sh-t, i don’t give a hoot about sh-t
raw f-ckin’ sh-t, i f-ckin’ got respect, think about that
i don’t give a sh-t, i’m getting all the back, i got all the bread
i don’t give a sh-t, do what i want, yeah i don’t give a f-ck
i don’t give a sh-t, do what i want, yo b-tches on my lap
cause i look like this, and these m-th-f-ckas are hoot b-tches
yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah, i get the bread, nama-nama-namaste
yeah i get the bread, i get all the bread, br-br-br-br-bread, br-br-br-br-bread
bang bang bang, these hoes wet, eat that p-ssy, bruh that’s the sh-t
do my own thang, cuz i don’t give a hoot about sh-t, i weave through sh-t, b-tch move out my sh-t
yeah that’s sh-t, love the bread, i k!ll sh-t, [?]
these hoes ain’t loyal, cuba, b00bies, i love that sh-t
-zero hoots language-

uuugh, uugh, uugh (oh yeah!)
uuugh, uugh, uugh (oh yeah!)
why do i do my sh-t? i don’t give a f-ck about sh-t
do my own thing, i don’t give a f-ck
give me all the dro, resurrect
this m-th-f-cka out, yeah