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3pac – hoes on my peni$ lyrics


yeah, 3pac in the building
so hot
realest in the game
i’m the sh-t

[hook] (x2)
hoes on my p-n-s (swag) (x3)
because i’m white like jesus
hoes on my p-n-s (swag)
i’m a f-cking g*nius
hoes on my hoes on my hoes on my p-n-s

[verse 1]
money to my left, hoes to my right
countin’ up these stacks at the end of the night
all about my green, swag like peter pan
your b-tch keeps telling me that i’m the f-ckin’ man
with the f-ckin’ pan, spectator in the stand
choppin’ up, choppin’ up, all these f-ckin’ grams
f-ck you haters, you don’t understand
i keep it in the game like i was talking quicksand
one to the two to the three to the four
you’re just mad because your mom’s a wh0r-
i make it pour, yes i make it rain
in my own lane, going straight to the fame
i got the whitest back, western mississippi
get it up the car, like ann [?]
i’m on a cruiseboat, you’re on a dingy
my hand up your -ss, like you was miss piggy

[hook] (x2)

[verse 2]
swag like regis and i look like zeus
yo, 3pac be hung like a moose
leave her with the juice, bust a nut in your face
superior to the human race
in your face, in your face, 3pac be ballin’
on the top, runnin’ sh-t, and i look like stalin
what’s the problem? i’m the sh-t
if you didn’t know by now, i’m the sh-t

[hook] (x2)

i don’t think you understand, son
yeah, i’m the sh-t, i got so much swag, [?], you can’t touch me
i’m a f-cking boss, the f-cking g
no one got sh-t on me, [?]
3pac, spittin’ harder than 2pac, [?], mac miller, [?], krispy kreme
f-ck all of you guys
yeah, i’m [?]
i got so much swag, b-tch
[?] thing
don’t give a f-ck boy
imma keep making my videos
if you’re telling me to stop, you’re just wasting your time
you got nothing on me son