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3pac – i don’t give a wack lyrics


yeah, son
that’s wuz good, yo
do what i wanna do, yo
i made this beat in like 5 minutes cuz i’m a m-th-f-ckin’ boss
do everything myself, son, zero hoots gang repping to the death, son
i’m doing what i want, yo i don’t give a wack

[zero hoots freestyle]
swaggin’ on these n-ggas, gettin’ all these figures
i don’t give a wack, i don’t give a hoot
doin’ what i want, gettin’ all the money
gettin’ all the bread, sh-t ain’t even funny
doin’ what i want, white n-gga k!llin it
i don’t give a wack, you know i’m the boss
you know i’m gettin’ bread, you know i’m gettin chedda
you know i be swaggin’, doin’ what i want
suga mommas on deck, i don’t give a hoot
shawty wanna f-ck, cause i look like a beast in the booth
i am the beast in the booth, you know what i f-ckin’ do
how about you? you don’t got nothing on me
because i’m a p.i.m.p. and i don’t give a sh-t about yo f-ckin’ sh-t
one take freestyle, k!lled the whole f-ckin’ song
and i’m doing it all day, i’m doing all night long
i don’t give a hoot, beast in the booth
doing what i wanna do, how about you?
get the caboose, doin’ what i wanna
hotter than sauna, smoke marijuana
i don’t give wack if yo b-tch talkin’ sh-t
i’m gonna f-ckin’ k!ll it then leave her in a ditch
shawty know what i do, how about you?
started out dodging the red and blue
i don’t give a f-ckin’ sh-t, i don’t give a f-ckin wack
b-tch, w-ssup? i don’t give a hoot
doin’ what i want, do my own thing, do my own thing
b-tch i get the bread, i don’t give a hoot, what did you say?
get the bread, the, qué, qué?
do what i want, son, do what i wanna do
i’m on cocaine, i do what i want, i’m smoking on that weed
i don’t give a hoot about sh-t, i’m finna the best