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3pac – keep on hustlin lyrics


[hook: 3pac]
i’m gonna keep on hustlin’ (x4)

[zero hoots freestyle: 3pac]
i’m gonna put on with my hustlin’
i’m putting on with all this hustlin’
yeah yeah, you know who i am, i’m a f-ckin’ boss
you know who i am, white rick ross
you know i’m never taking no loss
all i do is win, that’s like a shoe
all i do is do, maybe have some whip
flipping my currency, what else?
i don’t even know the name of the sh-t that i go
the places where i go, don’t know but i’m rich
i only spit that american sh-t, that english
and you know that i keep on going hitting l!cks and-

oh, shout out to my spics, spics
shout out to my gooks, gooks
shout out to my n-ggas, n-ggas
shout out to my crackas, crackas
getting this dough, cash flow
that -ss ho, like escargot

hit it when i spit, hittin’ this dope
never do sh-t, never f-cking slow
always fast, fast lane n-gga
gotta keep on winnin, bars like a prison
bars like a boss, never take a loss
white rick ross, i’m the f-cking sh-t
ima f-ck yo b-tch, i’m a f-cking blood
i’m a f-cking crip, i’m all this sh-t
i’m a f-cking son, i’m number one
one and it’s done, what i become?
the best in the game, i’m in my own lane
zhg chain, put it into my brain
put it in my brain, gotta focus
magical like hocus pocus
a couple dawgs and they know what’s good
you know i’m the only white -blank- in the hood

[high-pitched zhg freestyle: 3pac]
what i gotta do, what i gotta say? uh..

catching up to my flow, gotta go in the low and i do it like a pro
she drop it to the floor, that -ss gotta shake
she puttin’ how she want, she throwing twenties up
she wanna put the bangs on a check
bangs on a check, ah-bangs on a check
chedda on my d-ck, don’t give a hoot or a sh-t
going in, got them n-ggas on the scene
ima do what i do, run his own chance
in the bay, getting high in the day
in the [?], getting f-cked up
i don’t give a f-cking hoot
i got my .40 in the sh-t
sv beating n-ggas up
sv gotta rep til’ i die
got my nosebleed all in my eye
eyes all f-cking high as sh-t
but i don’t give a hoot or a f-ck
ima get that sh-t, and i don’t need luck
cause i don’t need sh-t that i already have
like f-cking this plate in the bay
whoo-hoo-hoo, i am insane, i am insane
i lost my mind, i am so high
i f-cked with them gods
i don’t give a hoot, i don’t give a sh-t
i’m so f-cking high, i doing what i want
i’m going f-cking crazy
i’m a beast in the booth
-random noises-