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3pac – pewdiepie is a child rapist lyrics


hey, what’s good son, it’s yo boy 3pac, son
just doing a quick little song about wack–ss, b-tch–ss, hoot–ss, b-tch pewdiepie son
on the top, doing this all in one take son
freestyle son, it’s all good son, running the game son
3pac’s the name son
yeah, let’s get it

pewdiepie is a child rapist (yeah!)
pewdiepie-pie is a child rapist (x2) (yeah)
everybody knows that 3pac is the greatest (yeah)

pewdie-pie (x3)
he’s a wack–ss b-tch, son
pewdie-pie (x3)
he’s a hoot–ss b-tch, son

[verse 1]
i don’t give a hoot, beast in the booth
doing what i want, all i wanna do
3pac’s the name, never been lame
never been a ho, [?]
giving these shows, everybody hate
everybody mad, i’m here to stay
i’m on the beat, doing my thing
never gave a hoot, i’m a boss, white rick ross

[verse 2]
self-made billionaire
i don’t give a f-ck, i don’t really care
pewdiepie rapes little boys
in the f-cking behind, i don’t give a hoot
he’s a wack–ss b-tch, 3pac army
taking everyone out, i don’t give a f-ck
about that sh-t, i’m going ham
for all my n-ggas, for all my crackers
for all my spics, for all my gooks
hey, i’m the sh-t, i don’t give a blow
beast in the booth, doing what i want
i’m the f-cking truth
i be going ham, every f-cking day
every f-cking night i’m here to stay
i’mma keep doing it cause, know that i get that [?]
best everyday, i’m the f-cking game
white rick ross, i don’t give a hoot
i’m the f-cking boss, doing my thing