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3pac – rich white man mark cuban lyrics


yeah son
back with that rich white man sh-t son
don’t give a hoot son
let’s get it son, yeah

rich white man mark cuban (3x)
yeah we boozin
rich white man mark cuban (3x)
yeah we boozin
mark cuban, mark cuban, mark, mark, mark cuban (3x)
mark cuban, yeah we boozin

[verse 1]
pull up to the party and i’m gettin all the bread
chedda momma on my d-ck, gon give me head
she don’t give hoot, she don’t give a hoot
it’s a given that she wanna f-ck the beast in the booth
show up to the club and you know that i’m flexin
all these ladies asking me 21 questions
like “oh my god, you are white”
yeah girl, do you wanna get my pipe?
yeah son, that’s a bet, holdin down for the wild wild west
when i say smoking, i ain’t talking cigarettes
i’m only smoking the best
no stress, yeah son, talking bout the dro
everybody knows i’m sick with the flow

yeah son, i’m f-ckin up the game son
straight up son, i’m white son
3pac the name son
i’m rich son
shoutout to mark cuban son, you don’t give a hoot either son
straight up, get the chedda son
chedda mamas on deck son


[verse 2]
verse number two, ima k!ll it again
everybody knows that all i do is win
leaning sideways with this drink that i’m sippin’
ball so hard, something like scottie pippen
never gave a hoot from the jump son
hottest under the sun, son son
zhg reppin to the end, ridin round town in my new benz

it’s a wrap son
took the whole game over son, wit ease son straight up
more chedda than chuck e cheese son
do what i want when i want son, never gave a hoot son