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3pac – rosie o’donnel lyrics


[intro: 3pac]
yeah, 3pac back at it again every single night
cause i’m the sh-t, i’m the best rapper in the world
got the most swag out of everyone, cause i’m the best
(aight, here we go)

[verse 1: 3pac]
3pac the mastermind, biblical scholar
shot caller, ladies holler charging by the hour
yellabone bop, might need a mop
because the p-ssy is wet as f-ck (boeeh)
the ladies all love me because i am so swole
that is why they stay l1cking on my pole
i am a boss, everyone know that
bringing home the chedda, i’m better than the rest, 3pac

[interlude: 3pac]
yo all these b-tch–ss m-th-f-ckas talking sh-t and sh-t bout me on youtube (boeeh)
but i don’t give a f-ck
i ain’t gonna stop making these videos cause i’m the best
better than all these wack–ss rappers in the game

[pre-hook: 3pac]
i got so much swag because i look like rosie o’donnell
doing it big, something like mcdonalds
jacked and tan, 3pac is gorgeous
swag tycoon, the haters can’t afford it, 3pac

[hook: 3pac]
rosie, rosie, o’donnell, donnell (x4)

[outro: 3pac]
d-mn son, i’m the sh-t
no-one got sh-t on me
ay shout out to my dog ellie
my best friend, rare animal
(chyea! chyea! chyea!)