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3pac – spider-man 2 diss lyrics


yeah! spider-man diss track son (yeah!)
don’t give a hoot! (yeah!) wack -ss movie son
don’t give a hoot about that f-ckin’ trailer son
do what i want! (yeeaaaaaah!)

[verse 1]
spider-man’s a b-tch–ss ho
i don’t give a hoot, all i do is ball
i’m rollin’ through this city and yo b-tch wanna give me dome
because i look like the m-th-f-ckin’ boss
the white rick ross, i’m doin’ what i want
i’m rollin’ through the hood, yo b-tch suck my wood
i don’t give a hoot, i get the f-ckin’ caboose
i run the whole city, i run the whole town
cruisin’ through the city, smoking on the dope
i don’t give a hoot, i don’t give a sh-t
i get the bread, and i f-ckin’ run the game
everybody know 3pac is the name

[verse 2]
spider-man is a ho, he’s a f-ckin’ b-tch
i don’t give a hoot, i don’t give a sh-t
i’m rollin’ through the city and i’m smoking on the dope
everybody know that i make that sh-t go
i make that sh-t bang, you know what i do
started out never giving a hoot
goin’ beast mode in the booth, that’s all i do
everybody knows that 3pac is the truth

[zero hoots freestyle]
i don’t give a f-ck, do what i want (yeah, yeah!)
i be goin’ ham, in the f-ckin’ booth (yeah, yeah!)
i don’t give a sh-t, get the caboose (yeah, yeah!)
i’m a f-ckin’ boss, get the f-ckin’ caboose (yeah, yeah!)
yeah, yeah! (yeah!)
yeah, yeah! (yeah!)
yeah, yeah! (yeah!)

[verse 3]
doin’ what i want, baby know i get the bread
everybody f-ckin’ know that i get the f-ckin’ head
suga mama give me 10 racks, i paid her to suck my d-ck
i don’t give a hoot, blowin’ sh-t, i f-ckin’ run this sh-t
i’m goin’ f-ckin’ ham in the f-ckin’ booth daily
i don’t give a f-ck, i’m crazy like patrick swayze
beast mode son, you can’t f-ck with me
it’s 3-p-a-c and i’m p-i-m-p
b-tch i don’t give a sh-t, i run the whole game
i be f-ckin’ k!llin’ everybody, k!llin’ off these lames
i’m rollin’ through the hood, smoking on a fat one
doin’ what i want, everybody wishes they were me

yeah, what, spider-man’s wack son, i don’t give a hoot
doin’ what i want, run the whole f-ckin’ game son
f-ckin’ boss son, do what i want, yeah, peace
that’s it, peace 3pac, peace