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3pac – swag like osama lyrics


swag like osama (x3), i don’t want no drama
swag like osama (x3), hotter than a sauna

[verse 1]
b-tches on my d-ck, cause i swag like osama
60 for a show, cause i swag like osama
30 on my p-n-s, cause i swag like osama
i look like osama, f-ck obama
i don’t want no drama, swag like osama
sh-t’s goin down, cause i swag like osama
i got ak’s, a whole entire army
taliban swag, bad b-tches f-ck me
swag in yo mama, cuz i look like osama (x4)


[verse 2]
got a towel on my head, wipin up the p-ssy juice
from yo momma’s vaj (swag), eat the sand with my bread
suicide, nuke the p-ssy, now yo baby’s dead
jihad, gettin dome in my cave
f-cking sarah palin’s -ss when she misbehaves
circ-mcise myself with a switchblade
pimping out my wives, b-tch i’m gettin paid