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3paki – you lyrics


[freestyle: 3paki]
yeah, a lotta people asking how the hell i’m doing
nigga dont be worrying on who the f-ck im screwing
look at yourself nigga look at what the f-ck you spewing
your -ss ain’t worth shit to me so just stop pursuing
keep up this behavior look at the f-ck thats brewing
one day i swear yo hood gon suffer a fatal shooting

yeah, and i’m doing just fine
you cannot even write these lines
5-0 caught up with all yo crime
i see your -ss all the way from the finish line

oh, nigga you gon go and die one day
yeah, the shit youve done yeah it ain’t okay
and i know where youll be working today
driving valet serving fish fillet

you think so cool cuz you got a bae?
boy, i already tap her pussy anyway
you get her things fa rom the cafe
you shoulda seen her face when she rode my sleigh
your act is faker than a toupee
thats why you still drive a chevrolet
and for your funeral, ok?
ill remember to send you a nice bouquet

do you still think i got no power?
boy i can make this morning your final hour
i got your girl with me in the shower
saying that i always made her scream louder
like a few eggs and a cup of flower
you are just a piece of cake that i devour

and dont be thinking you can top this
i wrote this in a day its still a better diss
because your f-cking mouth ran amiss
nigga your life will have no more bliss

nigga you have no idea what i just did
dont think of this song as a small nick
career went from something zero real quick
small flick play you like a magic trick

get down on your knees and shine my shoes
rappings not your dream, got other to pursue?
only rapper to make a million of his debut
rapping in english but to you sounds like urdu
while i be enjoying the fondue
nigga go back to buzzing on that kazoo
rap so dirty dont even use shampoo
but you’re an animal that belongs in a zoo