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3raxen – fuck a love letter, i wrote you a song lyrics


i been, spendin’ so much time wasted
u been on my mind, lately
all that shxt u speak don’t phase me, but i luv it when u say that u hate me

but the imagery of u been tainted, know it’s f+ck that n+gga that replaced me

hit ‘cha phone with some choice words namely
but i still hope u make it home safely

f+ckin’ left my mind all f+cked up, i can’t luv no more trust no one

norman bates, how i shoot, yea i luv u that’s the truth

i been goin’ thru the motions like i f+ckin been sedated
take one more, for the pain, then i times that shxt by 80

and u know it’s f+ck that n+gga that ‘chu datin’
three nights i stayed up waitin’

say it twice yea i luv u but i hate ‘chu
say it twice yea i luv u but u hate ‘chu

free time but ‘chu came collect
can’t connect

drop ya d+mn dress then we trade the neck
all the shxt that feel so distant
feel like a memory, from another century, i can’t let it get to me, everything u meant to me, feelin’ penitentiary, put it in a summary
u take control of me as if this was ventriloquy

h+ll sent ‘chu was suffocating
dysregulated, still debatin’

say it twice yea i luv u but i hate ‘chu