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3rd eye indigo – run it up lyrics


all my indigos
run it up, run it up
run it up, ooh ooh x2

[verse 1: 3rd eye indigo]
3rd eye open never close, this the life and path i chose
repping for my indigos, drink ur shine up take a soul
thats why i’m meditatin till im really levitatin
i ain’t used to have patience till my mind went on vacation
3rd eye gang we elevatin till we love all those who hatin
we just raisin our vibration till our concious dialating
got the eye of a tiger and a heart of a lion
diamond gate, its that live or nine lives i ain’t dyin
indigos just multiplyin, ya we came here from orion
feelin like neo in the matrix, i just came up out of zion
run it up, run it up, run it up, d-mn
ain’t dumb enough, they gunnin up, ain’t one of us d-mn
y’all sleep walkin lookin like some zombies
sovereign god, im feelin like hitachi
all see it not, no illuminati
middle finger up, f-ck the annunaki

run it up, run it up
run it up
all my indigos
ooh ooh

[verse 2: akthesavior]
run it up till the sun is up, found a four leaf but your luck is up
slow creep with the thunder tuck, make your soul sleep just to sum it up
gross g’s then i double up, f-ck the police cause they trouble us
try to copy like u one of us, got to drop u im the punisher
hit up kobe for the formula, i need to visit maury cause i brought em up
soundin silly like a foreigner, dump u inside a sewer like a toilet does
all i jackin with a feet, rip your heart up k!ll the beat
got some knowledge from a freak, ya i be sinnin but i keep the peace
run it up like forest gump, need no less than my portion
not impressed with a show of thumbs, we just shake hands out of boredom
latex when ur wh-r- c-m, too apex to be clawed up
big pecs, im a ape thug
blank face for that fake love
all of my n-gg-s elite, all ur n-gg-s i k!ll and they weep
i push em off like i sweep, get out my way n-gg- beep beep
i got the wisdom ,no teeth
but i need patience to preach, she
she think im playin for keeps, i run it up on the weekly

run it up, run it up
run it up ooh ooh
run it up, run it up
run it up
all my indigos