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3rdiiiuth – bad influence lyrics


[verse 1: jack cityz]
i was always told i’m a bad influence
your daughter’s life i will ruin
brewing up a plan
just to get inside her pants
what i’m doin
then i zip them things up and find a new one
stealing what ain’t mine
before this younging start suing
get the crew involved, menthols
until she blue in the face it’s amazing
i know she wish she brought her mace, said her grace, started praying
told i’m a bad influence
cuz it’s h-ll in a handbag
when i interact, it’s like cinemac
in hindsight she’ll know if the times right
before she had a chance to say sike
her hair pulled back, getting smacked
can’t be tamed, hotboxin in the stang
banging on the rag top, til she gag stop
cherry in her vag popped, bop, she was on top
dampened, call me manson
we in an abandoned mansion
my move, i made her skip school
cancelled hampton, running rampant
off on a tangent
sneaked out, on our way to quis house, she freaked out
we landed, she asking where my manz is
in the party dancing
i took her to a room with the uth, had to split
p-ssed the spliff then i dipped
she stayin with group
-ssortment of blends
spent a day with me, now a master at the chem
far from timid
don’t let her meet that n-gga chuck nimbus
doesn’t know her limit
got a call when they finished
explaining what the deal is
ain’t know what to think
all i heard was blood, bathroom, and sink
instinct was t.o.m. paid a visit
but the outcome, it was more than sunshine and kisses
poster child for our dopest, loud, album
how come the t-tle’s what it is..

we turned a cute girl bad that’s a beautiful sin (x3)

[bridge: beatrix aku]
pop it, pop it, sniff it, smoke it
smoke it, pop it (x2)

pop it, sniff it, smoke it
smoke it, smoke it
smoke it
pop it, sniff it, smoke it
smoke it

[hook: beatrix aku]
and if we pop a couple xannies then you know we good (x4)